Recap: Fashion’s Night Out 2012

As thousands of socialites, musicians, athletes, designers, and models gathered in some of the largest cities around the globe, so too did masses of dedicated fashionistas and fans. For the fourth time the affair played host to a variety of activities and events, both fashion-related and not. What began in 2008 as an attempt to alleviate the economic strains of the recession has emerged as New York Fashion Week’s kickoff event. In addition to New York and LA, Fashion’s Night Out now takes place in 18 other countries (Ranging from South America, to Europe and Asia).

This year, guests at New York’s party could sip on Tory Burch cocktails and purchase limited edition products, all while listening to Justin Bieber, watching basketball players model Calvin Klein, and getting A-list makeovers by Aerin Lauder. Anna Wintour (Vogue’s editor in chief), the mastermind behind the event, has essentially created a fantastical playground for fashion enthusiasts.

While the event was primarily started as a simple way to boost consumer morale in the U.S., it has also become a prime fundraising opportunity. For most of the events (such as karaoke, face painting, balloon animal creations, etc.) the proceeds benefit the designer’s chosen organization. Karlie Kloss, a renowned model, even carried around her own cookies, selling them to help those who do not have the means to feed themselves. Free gift bags were a commonality at Fashion’s Night Out as well for all the lucky shoppers who braved the evening’s crowds.

Fashion’s Night Out has managed to obtain a balance between showcasing fall’s trends and giving back to the community. Designers both legendary and unknown made an impact, be it through donation or by providing an intimate setting for their most dedicated followers. Now begins the event that is unapologetically fashion for fashion’s sake: New York Fashion Week.


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