Diamonds with a Conscience: Todd Reed

For most people the value of diamonds lies in their clarity, weight, cut and color. Designer Todd Reed, however, finds greater beauty in raw, uncut diamonds and recycled metals. To Reed, “the most perfect cut is still an uncut.”

Todd Reed gold ring with raw diamond cubes

His natural inspirations, which are abundant given his Boulder, CO location, come through seamlessly in the strategically placed textures. He contrasts unfinished diamonds with those that are cut and polished in wonderfully balanced ways. And, despite the darker metals he often employs, there remains a lightness and elegance that are simultaneously cutting-edge and timeless.

In addition to providing all of us with extraordinary pieces, Todd Reed has also made it his mission to craft his products responsibly. Every stone that enters his studio is one that was mined in ethical conditions. Recycled metals are the other component of his artwork, making Reed’s breath-taking designs some of the most guilt-free accessories to own.

(1) TRDN840: gold, sterling silver, patina necklace with white brilliant cut diamonds and raw diamond cube
(2) TRDR679: white gold, white princess cut diamonds
(3) TRDN480: gold, gray fancy cut diamond, white brilliant cut diamonds, raw diamond cube
(4) TRDE720-PD: palladium with fancy cut diamonds, white brilliant cut diamonds, raw diamonds
(5) TRDR481-PD-SQ-17: palladium with black fancy cut diamond and white brilliant cut diamonds

To learn more about Todd Reed, his masterpieces, and his practice, visit his website.

 If you would like to learn more about the issues surrounding unethically mined diamonds, click here.


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