Favorite Fall Beauty Trend: Unconventional Braids

There are few styles more timeless in the world of beauty than the braid. Though the braid was never out of style, it seems to have made a full comeback this season. From the runway to the street, the braids that are most popular now are those with unconventional patterns. Sideways French braids, small braids threaded through larger braids, off-center styles, and more have taken the place of the expected styles prevalent in past years. With a little practice or an extra pair of hands, the unconventional braid will soon become your favorite new way to add some depth to your look.

The Katniss Everdeen braid (over-the-shoulder french braid)

This is probably one of the easier unique braids to try. If you know how to do a normal French braid on your hair, do the same but start from the temple level on the side closest to your part. A headband and some bobby pins can help contain any awkward layers that don’t feel like behaving.

Braid to Bun

For this style, split your hair down the part (the braids don’t need to be equal widths – just make sure the part is consistent down the back). Pull one side into a pigtail with a hair-tie just to get it out of the way. The other side will be braided as you would any frenched pigtail.

Braid the first pigtail just until you reach the end of your scalp. Do the same with the second, then pull them both into a low bun. This look is great for day or night, dressy, or casual. It’s also great for getting all the short layers out of your face during windy days or outside acitivties!


For a different, sportier take on the braid-to-bun look, do tighter braids and pull the chunks under instead of over (think cornrows).  Incorporate much smaller chunks of hair at a time, and use tinier starting pieces.

Waterfall Braid

For the waterfall braid, use the same technique that you did for the “Katniss” over-the-shoulder braid, but start slightly higher, and make sure you retain the side part. The main difference here is that you will drop the right strand every time instead of collecting it into the braid, creating a waterfall effect. Once the braid has wrapped around the back of your head, fasten the braid as you would any other. Voila!

There you have it! While instructions are always nice for styling, the best tip for braiding is to just try it until you have something you like. Hair lengths and layering can create unexpected boundaries, so just look at photos in magazines or online for inspiration and give it a go.

Nina Nguyen Cordelia Bracelet

You can even jump onto the braid bandwagon with your jewelry if you don’t quite have the hair length that braiding requires.






Once you’ve mastered the basics you can do almost anything…even a Mohawk fishtail. Happy braiding!

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