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Nina Nguyen

When Nina Nguyen contacted me to review a piece of her jewelry, I was excited!  I had checked out her website before and love her designs.  I chose the Cordelia bracelet in black and gold to review, and love it.  There are so many colors to choose from, but in the end I decided on black, being that it would be the most universal with so many outfits.  I know, I know,  you can’t believe I didn’t go with pink!  Well it was hard let me tell you!!
I receive tons of compliments on this wrap and it is a very dressy piece.  It is so versatile in what you pair it with that it would be great with a pair of jeans, or even with a little dress and heels.  This is my first piece of druzy, and wow!! I don’t know what I was waiting on to own this!  Nina Nguyen has some fabulous new pieces you should check out, and so many leather choices of wraps. She also has fabulous rings, and necklaces too.  There are so many wonderful pieces you have to go see for yourself.  I promise you will find something to add to your jewelry box!  I have my eye on a few necklaces I would love to style up for fall with a few sweaters!

The Cordelia wraps around my wrist three time to create the layer look.  It is braided leather with a delicate gold chain as one of the strands of braid.  The back and sides of the druzy is dipped in gold to compliment the gold chain. The ends of the leather and chain are left longer to create a “tail” effect off the bracelet.

I plan on getting a lot of wear out of my new favorite piece.  I have styled it here  already!

-Lisa, Peridot Skys Blog

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