Sparkle for Sandy Relief Auction – Greenwich Jewelers


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds have donated their time to the relief efforts and the rebuilding of lost communities.  Owner of  Greenwich Jewelers, Jennifer Gandia, has seen the destruction in the area surrounding her New York City store.  She found the aftermath of Sandy heartbreaking; neighborhoods and beachfront communities destroyed in a day.  That’s where Jennifer discovered Waves For Water, a grassroots organization founded by Jon Rose that has done extensive work in disaster areas around the globe.  The long-term goal for Waves For Water is to be proactive, rather than reactive, and provide access to clean water in disaster areas around the world.


In order to make a difference and support the Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative, Greenwich Jewelers has created the Sparkle for Sandy Relief fundraiser.   Sparkle for Sandy Relief is an online auction of designer jewelry where 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative.  Sparkle for Sandy Relief has unique pieces from many different designers, many pieces are handmade and sustainably produced.


Nina Nguyen Designs is proud to be one of the 90 designers who will help support the Sparkle for Sandy Relief efforts.  The two pieces Nina Nguyen has chosen for the auction best represents the beauty of her collection.  Both pieces are natural, but distinguished in their own way.  The geode from the Aurora Necklace represents the glow of water and the stalactites from the Bella Earrings have been formed over thousands of years from one drop of mineral rich water.  For water to create something as beautiful as these two pieces reminds us of how precious water can be.

As of today Sparkle for Sandy Relief has raised several thousand dollars, and with 5 days left there’s the potential to raise much more.  Thanks to the donating efforts of many involved, Sparkle for Sandy can make a difference for hundreds of families and communities who continue to go without clean water.

Greenwich Jewelers
Waves for Water
Sparkle for Sandy Relief
Nina Nguyen Designs 

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