Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Afrobella


Nina Nguyen Designs is shining the blogger spotlight this month on Afrobella

patrice yursik

 Since 2006 Afrobella has been one of the country’s leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers with a loyal readership and a fan base that includes celebrities and influencers. Afrobella®, also known as Patrice Grell Yursik is a reformed tomboy from Trinidad who now lives in downtown Chicago. When she was eight years old, she helped out behind the counter at a busy perfume and cosmetics store during the holiday season. That magical experience sparked a lifelong obsession with beauty products and fashion accessories and the women who buy them.

Known for representing ethnic beauty and encouraging individuality and unique, personal style,  Afrobella regularly showcases amazing fashion finds, tastemaker interviews, star-studded event coverage and much more. Her blog is a continual celebration of women all shades of beautiful and her readers are enlightening, entertaining, intelligent and glamorous, friendly, fabulous and fun. If you love the skin that you’re in, if you enjoy learning about different cultures, if you have an obsession with makeup and fashion and all things fabulous — then Afrobella is the blog for you.seafoam necklace2

Afrobella’s Fave: Seafoam Ammonite & Ruby Necklace ($395) 

Afrobella is a longtime fan of Nina Nguyen jewelry and has worn her pieces on the red carpet and all over the world.  We asked Afrobella to choose her favorite piece of jewelry from Nina’s current collection and to share why she loved it.  Here is what she said, “I’m fascinated by history and jewelry with meaning and I love the way Nina has used ammonite in her jewelry. The fossils of these extinct marine invertebrates, juxtaposed with rubies makes this necklace one worth treasuring. It’s a conversation piece, and it’s stunningly beautiful.”  Explore for the latest in beauty, fashion and fabulous living.


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