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 Justina Blakeney – My Kinda Bling and how I transform into a Samurai mom



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Being a new mom is no joke. I can’t believe I’ve made it almost six whole months without one single good nights rest. To be completely candid–there are days when I don’t even have time to shower and I find myself rinsing of quickly in the sink while Ida takes one of her cat naps. It’s nuts. On a day like that it’s pretty amazing what a great pair of earrings or a crazy statement necklace can do to make me feel a bit better. And since jewelry is grab-and-go, it’s the easiest way to not look like a total effing disaster when I run out the door. Today was one of those days, and so I threw on my new necklace by Amy Kahn Russell.  The necklace is upcycled from a Samurai sword tsuba which kinda makes me feel super-duper extra badass–like “OK–I’ve got on my armor–bring it!.”  If you aren’t familiar with Amy’s work  take a minute to explore her universe. She collects artifacts and stones from all over the world for her pieces–and they all ooze cool. I mean…a necklace from a sword?! How fresh is that?!?

Along with my dose of Samurai energy–I also got my fix of healing energy through my equally badass geode earrings by Nina Nguyen. As soon as I put them on I felt like I got my sexy back–they’re like heels for my ears ;-) . Crystals are so damn cool and are glamorous, earthy, boho and oh so me.

I’m feeling better already.

*Photos of Justina by Jason Rosencrantz–still life photos by Justina Blakeney

*Jewelry provided by Amy Kahn Russel and Nina Ngugen–thanks ladies–you seriously got me through the day!

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