Latest Collection from Nina Nguyen Designs Inspired by India

When it came time to design her latest collection, Nina Nguyen turned to her own treasured memories. The result is the Maharani collection, inspired by the spectacular beauty, undeniable contrasts, and long history of India.

2000 (95) 72DPI

Nina’s love of India runs deep. She and her now-husband backpacked through the country in 2004, spending two months exploring its diverse landscape and chaotic cities.

The trip proved to be life-changing for Nina. It gave her the confidence and freedom to turn her back on a career in the financial services industry and explore an interest she’d had since childhood. The result was Nina Nguyen Designs.

Nina India Skyline

The brilliant, light-filled pieces in Nina’s Maharani collection recall her trip to India. Each necklace, bracelet and earring brings to life her interpretations of India’s vibrant contrasts.

India buildingsIn many pieces, she has taken a “less is more” approach, minimally working the stones so that they retain their natural forms and variations. They echo the elegance of India and its hopeful spirit.

The embodiment of that spirit can be found in the country’s architecture, as captured by Nina’s husband. Each structure is beautiful in its own way, whether designed as a palace or a humble home in one of India’s crowded cities.

1000 (27) 72DPI

It is the country’s unusual balance between place, people and nature, the modern and the ancient, the opulent and the destitute, that captured Nina’s mind to get lost in your thoughts and your surroundings. In India, it’s easy for your imagination.

And set her on a new path, one that allows her to share her transformative Indian experience through her work.

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