For Nina Nguyen, India Changed Everything

Second in a series of three


The warmth and beauty Nina Nguyen found in the people she met in India left an impression that remains with her today.

To Nina, it seemed that they approached life without judgment. They made a decision, moved forward, and never looked back. Their approach to life felt like freedom to Nina. Traveling the country in 2004, she felt her creativity sparked by the accepting spirit of the people.  She also felt artistically inspired by the vibrant saris and colorful gemstones embedded in the jewelry worn on the sub-continent. Upon returning to the United States, she left her career in the financial services industry to start her own jewelry design firm, Nina Nguyen Designs.


Nina’s creativity and love for beauty were evident as a child. As a young girl growing up in war-torn Vietnam, Nina helped out her uncle, a goldsmith, in his jewelry casting foundry where he worked with locally panned gold. After her family moved to the United States, first passing through a Philippine refugee camp, Nina continued to design jewelry throughout high school and college as a hobby. But she had never really considered jewelry design as a career until her journey through India.

Blue Turquoise and gold necklace and Earings

Since starting her own company, Nina had wanted to create a line that reflected her love of India and its transformative influence in her life. This spring, she accomplished her goal with the launch of her Maharani collection.

Nina chose the name Maharani for a good reason. Maharani is Sanskrit for “great queen,” and the pieces in Nina Nguyen Design’s Maharani Collection have the ability to make any woman feel like royality.


With its bold styling and innate elegance, Nina Nguyen Design’s Maharani Collection is a fitting “thank you” to the people of India who helped her feel free to follow her passion.

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