Nina Nguyen Captures India’s Natural Beauty

Final in a three part series


If you’ve never been to India, your perception of the country is probably this – crowded, noisy cities.

Cows wandering the streets. Maybe an occasional elephant lumbering by.

Nina Nguyen and her now-husband immersed themselves in every part of it during their two months in India. They spent the most time in the bustling streets of Dehli, Agra, Bundi, Jaipur, Goa and Mumbai. But when they needed a change of scenery, they explored t


he country’s fabulous beaches and mysterious deserts.

India’s purity made a lasting impression on Nina long after her 2004 journey. And with her artist’s eye, she has captured the country’s allure with her new Maharani Collection from Nina Nguyen Designs. In some pieces, the stones used have been sliced and minimally polished to bring out their vibrant, sometimes contrasting colors. Other pieces, feature the stones which are more refined and echo the colors of the ocean.

In her travels through India, Nina explored beach-front villages that were barely touched by development. Then there were the seemingly endless deserts, their sands shaped by the wind into mind-boggling patters. And camels, of course, who kept their distance at the watering holes where they stopped to take

a drink and munch on vegetation.

green amyt and turq

The tranquility of these landscapes helped Nina find the peace

and clarity of mind she needed to embark on a new path. Inspired by the beauty around her, she decided to make jewelry design her new career, not just a hobby. Today, the success of her business allows her to employ women as jewelry makers at Nina Nguyen Studio, a co-operative she started to provide good-paying jobs to women in Vietnam.


For Nina Nguyen, a trip of a lifetime revealed a new career … and a mission to inspire and empower others.

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Part 2: For Nina Nguyen, India Changed Everything


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