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Take one look at Nina Nguyen’s handcrafted jewelry, and you’ll be sold. The stackable pieces have made Nina famous and helped make her business the success it is today. But the road to becoming a successful jeweler in Denver hasn’t been easy. Nina tells about her inspiring journey that led her to create socially conscious jewelry that is popular among Denver locals.

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How did you get into jewelry making?

I was exposed to jewelry at a young age in Vietnam. My mom had a jewelry shop, and I would make jewelry with my uncle. I was around fire and torches making jewelry starting at 7 years old.

When did you start selling jewelry in the US?

I started selling jewelry at a trunk show in Naples, Florida. I have been selling my brand for 7-8 years now.

Who was one of your first customers? 

One of my first customers was Mrs. Marriott, of Marriott hotels. She bought many of my pieces.

What brought you to Denver? 

I have traveled to so many places, and I love Denver! It’s cosmopolitan. I love it here! It’s home.

What can customers expect when they visit your showroom?

My clients who come see me are very familiar with my work. They look at and purchase my designs. I can modify designs and do custom design for customers as well.

Your stackable jewelry pieces are quite popular. What is your most popular piece?

One of my signature items is my patented interchangeable earrings. They are available on our website.

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What makes your jewelry unique?

My designs are luxury, but you can wear my pieces everywhere—to work, yoga, to go out at night.  It’s effortless luxury casual jewelry.

Where can your jewelry be purchased?  

Our jewelry is available in 120 stores nationwide, in our showroom and on our website, Our showroom is by appointment only, so please call 720.459.7664 to make an appointment.

INSTORE Magazine gets a little more Zen


“Most of us returned from our last vacation with a suitcase crammed with souvenirs of questionable quality; Nina Nguyen, on the other hand, brought back inspiration for her latest collection. Her travels to Bali were the seed of the Zen collection. It consists of colorful Druzy and turquoise stones cut into geometric shapes and set in sterling silver with a 22K gold overlay.” 

INSTORE Magazine


Nina and Matt’s Anniversary

Three year ago last week we had our beautiful wedding in Vietnam.  Many of our friends and guests took a long journey to come to Vietnam for our wedding, it was my dream wedding. We started out on the 10th of October with an early temple ceremony.


During the tea ceremony, I had to translate to Matt the wedding wishes from our head monk.



It was a surreal experience to be walking on this beautiful bridge towards the ceremony shrine with the chanting of the monks and the melody of the ancient Buddhist instrument in the background.


 All around me there was amazing details carved into the wood structure of the ancient temple.


Being able to share my heritage with my husband and friends on our wedding day was a humbling experience.

Nina Nguyen

Artist We Love: Elisa Mazzone

Artist, designer, and stylist Elisa Mazzone has a unique flair for creating all that is feminine, dreamy, and nothing short of beautiful. The South Australian native focuses primarily on female subjects, whether it be a portrait of Kate Hudson, anonymous watercolors, or looks for a fashion magazine. Her unique pieces often incorporate mixed mediums to achieve the whimsical, often playful effects for which she aims. To view more of her allluring illustrations visit her official website.

Above are some of our favorite Mazzone illustrations. Below are 3 winter looks she has put together working as a stylist, along with the Nina Nguyen pieces that would be stunning with her outfits.

Since most of the pieces included in this style feature have high necklines and collars, earrings or a bold ring would be the best choice. A classic design like Nina Nguyen Petal Earrings would be a fantastic way to complement this sophisticated look.

For this vintage-inspired, jet-setter outfit a statement bracelet would be ideal. Try pairing Nina Nguyen’s Emerge Black Druzy Bracelet with an A-line dress, snazzy scarf, and over-sized bag. Easy fall/winter chic with little effort.

If you plan on rockin’ the faux fur, bold colors, a hat, and wide-leg pants all in one, keep the jewelry minimal. One statement piece, like an over-sized ring, maintains the bold look without throwing it off balance. We like Nina Nguyen’s Lennox Geode Ring with this fun outfit.