Lapis – Pantone Color Spring 2017

Pantone chose lapis and so did Nina Nguyen Designs!

Pantone Spring 2017 – Lapis Blue

Pantone has selected their colors for Spring 2017 and I’m thrilled about the color palate, especially as one of them is named Lapis Blue. I’m crazy about Lapis and I’ve been incorporating it into my line for quite some time. I even tried some different shapes of this mesmerizing blue in my new fine jewelry Heritage Collection.

Lapis Earrings by Nina Nguyen Designs

Nina Nguyen Designs, Spirit Earrings, 14k yellow gold, lapis

Lapis lazuli has long been regarded as the stone of wisdom and truth. It is associated with the Greek Goddess Athena who was notorious for her keen intellect and strategic planning.

Nina Nguyen Designs - Spirit Necklace in Lapis

Lapis – The Stone of Wisdom

The history between humans and lapis dates back to 6,500 B.C. when enthusiasts would travel over treacherous mountain terrain to secure some of this deep dark blue. Back in the day Lapis was prized as much as turquoise and sapphire. Not only was it used in jewelry, but it was also crushed up and used for medicinal purposes. Additionally, it’s been known to be used as a cosmetic!

Lapis Necklace by Nina Nguyen Designs

Nina Nguyen Designs, Heritage Necklette, 14k yellow gold, lapis

Folklore also tells us that lapis lazuli was a powerful talisman that purified the soul.  The Egyptians were rumored to crush up lapis and gold to make a mask placed on the forehead said to remove demons as it dried. I find it so fascinating that gemstones had such significant meaning in ancient times.

Nina Nguyen Designs - Lapis Spirit Ring

Nina Nguyen Designs, Spirit Ring, sterling silver, lapis

This stunning stone is roughly associated with the astrological sign Sagittarius, but any sign can rock this stone. I’m not sure I believe the hype, so instead of crushing them for medicine or make-up I will wrap my harmony lapis necklette around my wrist on days I need a pick me up! Gemstones have a mystery and power all their own that we may never truly understand.

Lapis Bracelet by Nina Nguyen Designs

Nina Nguyen Designs, Heirloom Bracelet, 22k vermeil, lapis


Statement Bracelets

With every collection season, there is usually one theme running rampant on the catwalks.  For the fashion world, Spring / Summer 2013 was all about eccentricity – bold stripes, eclectic graphics and folksy tribal prints were called to front of the class.  And with those trends came the ultimate complementary statement pieces – crystal and gem jewelry.

Designers paired their runway looks with eye-catching bracelets. Armani‘s catwalk outfit was finished with a striking bold cuff, while Hermes accessorized with multiple stylish stackables. The result was a minimal, but refined elegance, a juxtaposition that embraced the charm of semi-precious stones and injected a much needed dose of sophistication into the jewelry collections.

While everything we spotted was glamorous and gorgeous, there are standout pieces in particular that we simply couldn’t take our eyes off – striking bold bracelets and cuffs, in a virtually every shape, color and size. Whether boldly oversized or stylishly understated, one thing is for certain, adding a chic bracelet will transform any look, especially for Spring.

These Bamboo cuff  and stackable bracelets from Nina Nguyen feature beautiful stones accented by 22k Gold or Silver.  They are incredibly trendy and offer loads of options on different ways to style them. Here’s a look at our favorite styles from the catwalks and tips on how to recreate these runway looks.

The Statement Cuff

Make a bold statement by wearing a bracelet on its own as a simple cuff or stack a few together to create a layered look.


The Stackable Bracelet

These stackable bracelets are not only supremely stylish, but they are also extremely versatile. Wear them over gloves, a la Miu Miu, or pair them with more!



Recognize Retailer: Loy Harn Jewelers


What started off as a 15 year old’s dream to own his own jewelry store- has grown into a family business; Jason Harn continues his father’s legacy as owner of Loy Harn Jewelers since 2002. With roots to family and community, it’s no surprise that Loy Harn Jewelers has been providing South Carolina with excellent customer service while offering unique and quality designs for over 30 years. Their dedication to build a foundation with their clients has made them a favorite business in Mount Pleasant, SC.  What also makes them a favorite in the Nina Nguyen Designs family is that they share our mission to better the world. All of our stones are ethically sourced and each piece is handcrafted at our Women’s Co-operative in Vietnam. Loy Harn buys locally and also donates to non-profits in their area-making them a perfect partner for us.

When Loy Harn opened his doors in 1980, he was committed to offering an array of beautiful gifts for every customer along with outstanding service. They offer baby and wedding gifts, fashion jewelry to high end luxury piece. Loy Harn not only provides a wide selection but keeps up with latest trends and fashion. With the hot new style of layering and stacking, our Nina Nguyen collection is a hit over there! Fans of Loy Harn love to mix, match, and combine different metals, stones and textures to create a fun edgy look with their jewelry.

ImageNina Nguyen Designs 18″ Divine Lotus

With the stacking and layering options of our Seafoam necklace, Spectrum necklace, and Cordelia bracelets, these top sellers fly out of the cases as quickly as we get them in! Loy Harn also now carries our fun, versatile, and stack-able Lotus Collection.  So hurry over to Loy Harn and stack away with some of your favorite Nina Nguyen Designs pieces! Check out their revamped website too.