Wisteria: A Whimiscal New Collection By Nina Nguyen Designs

Depending on where you live, you may well know the magical beauty of Wisteria. — It has a sweetly intoxicating fragrance emanating from white, blue, purple or Lilac flowers with cascading petals. And vines that are strong enough to pull down buildings.


Wisteria flower tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Nina Nguyen discovered Wisteria while bicycling around Tokyo in 2005. She was immediately captivated by its vibrant color and delicate, whimsical flowers cascading down.

Nina’s memories of Japan deeply inspired Nina Nguyen Design’s coming Fall 2013 collection, has been she named Wisteria in homage to its wistful color and style.

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The pieces in the collection are both delicate and graceful in design, yet timeless in their beauty. Like the Wisteria vines, which wrap around trees and trellises, the pieces – dubbed ‘necklettes’ – can be wrapped as a bracelet or worn as one-strand or multiple-strand necklaces.

Recently Nina has also collaborated with renowned high-fashion photographer Joanna Kustra to capture the beauty of Wisteria and her other collections in photographs. Nina traveled to London to work with Joanna, and the result of their collaboration is simply mesmerizing.

2013 FALL (9) 72 DPI

As Nina discovered in Tokyo, Wisteria grows plentifully in Japan, where it is seen as a symbol of love and victory over hardship. Wisteria is allowed to grow wild in many places in Japan and can be seen twining up and around through trees, especially in the mountains.

wisteria combo

For Nina, Wisteria symbolizes many of the qualities shared by women around the world – love, grace, honor, strength and passion. It also personifies her own creative expansion, as each of her collections grows organically from her own experiences and interests.

In coming weeks, she’ll share more of her 2014 Wisteria-inspired collection here on the Nina Nguyen Designs blog. Check back soon to see more of Wisteria’s wistful beauty!

Jet Set with Nina Nguyen Part 2

In less than a year Nina has traveled across the globe. After the big move from Florida to Colorado, Nina continued to jet set to Vietnam, Bali, Canada, Aruba, and London just to name a few. Nina is spreading Druzylicious around the world, one country at a time! Her latest trip to London produced Druzylicious photos for our Fall 2013/Winter 2014 season.


This quick UK trip let Nina indulge in the beautiful architecture…


…and enjoy a local favorite of fish and chips before the shoot.


Nina worked with the talented and renowned photographer Joanna Kustra and her amazing crew to put together a successful shoot.


Just a few of our 2014 Photos

2013 FALL (3) 72 DPI 2013 FALL (8) 72 DPI 2013 FALL (9) 72 DPI

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Nina Nguyen appears in the May 2011 “Designer Spotlight” feature in Accessories Magazine.

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The Designer | Nina Nguyen

Nguyen loved to help her uncle, a goldsmith, in his jewelry-casting foundry in Vietnam, where she grew up. After relocating to the United States, she kept designing as a hobby. In 2004, Nguyen took a life-changing journey to India. After that trip, she decided to change career paths, from the financial industry to starting her own jewelry design firm, Nina  Nguyen Designs. This April she will open a showroom in Naples, and plans a flagship store in New York. ” I just launched a beautiful collection of druzy and stalactite stone jewelry,” she says. “The preview for this new line at New York  Market in January received so many positive reviews and orders from stores and catalog companies.” She is looking to grow her business internationally, attending trade shows in Europe, Japan, Canada and China.

SWEETEST PART OF SUCCESS: Success is not about making a lot of money, but being able to o what I love and contribute back to society.

IF I WASN’T DOING THIS, I’D BE: A bum, drinking mojitos in Goa, enjoying the sunset and learning how to spin fire.

LEARNED THE HARD WAY: I started my business at a such a young age (26), I have had to learn so many lessons. Where do I even begin with the mistakes, financial loss an personnel management? I’ve learned that it is never too late to start a business, but it could be too early.