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Mothers are treasured because of what they do for their families every day, and this Sunday you should honor a mother in your life for all she has done for you!  And for over 25 years, Studio 2015 has helped celebrate countless mothers in their community of Woodstock, Illinois.

After a great Mother’s Day Trunk Show last year, Studio 2015 is bringing Nina Nguyen Designs back for another fantastic event!  Since 1914, Mother’s Day has been officially recognized in the United States as a national holiday, celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. This Mother’s Day is extra special, as it is the 100th Anniversary!

At Studio 2015 you are guarantee excellence in design, craftsmanship, and customer service from their friendly and accommodating staff. They are known for their eclectic, organic, and unique selection of gifts, including Nina Nguyen Designs. Studio 2015 will be showcasing classic Nina Nguyen Designs favorites to our newest collection, Wisteria. With the hot new trend of organic, raw gemstones Nina Nguyen Designs has the perfect gifts for the mothers in your life!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide:


 Studio 2015 Nina Nguyen Designs – Mother’s Day Trunk Show 

Studio 2015
11701 Catalpa Lane
Woodstock, IL, 60098

Thursday, May 8 10am-7pm
Friday, May 9 10am-5pm
Saturday, May 10 9am-4pm


Celebrating Mother’s Day


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From employee contributor Olivia Riddiford

What’s the best way to wake up each morning? Definitely not to an alarm clock! My favorite noise in the morning is the pitter-patter of little feet before feeling my son crawl under the covers to wake us up. For the last four years, I have traded in my leisurely mornings for a quick 6 am snuggle before a day full of making breakfast, getting dressed and off to school and work and collapsing at the end of the day. I wouldn’t trade it for all of the world.

In case you haven’t noticed, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! This is the one day (although mom’s deserve a lot more than that!) of the year that reminds us to stop and thank our moms, grandmothers, sisters and friends for all that they do for us. With life always on the go, it is nice to have a day set aside for a card, flowers and a reminder that we wouldn’t be who we are today without the love of these influential women in our lives. As a mother, it totally makes me appreciate my own mom! I sometimes struggle balancing a son, husband, job, etc but have no idea how my mom did it with four of us! Patience is the key.

For celebrating my perfect Mother’s Day, I don’t need anything more than a hug but these suggestions will help make it feel more like the holiday moms deserve!

  1. Breakfast: I would suggest breakfast in bed but I don’t like crumbs on my sheets so I prefer to get up and help with breakfast so that we can eat all together. Pancakes are a favorite in our house, especially strawberry ones. Try this recipe!
  2. Get outside! Moving to Boulder last summer opened different outdoor opportunities – we traded the beach for the mountains. Spring is here so we like to take advantage of the nice warm weather by biking or hiking before it gets too hot. Find a hiking trail near you here.
  3. Yoga: Taking an hour for myself is always a treat and not one that I always get to take. By going to a yoga class it forces me to take a deep breath and not think about life for an hour. Remember, a sane mom leads to a happy family!  I love my yoga studio – corepower.
  4. I like to end my day with one last snuggle. You are a mom to your kids forever but they are little only once. Savor your children as they celebrate you!
  5. Hubbies are busy too and sometimes need help trying to find the perfect gift.  Give him a hand and sign up for an online wish list like wishlistr. Add a facial, pedicure, flowers or how about your very own pair of Amethyst Mariposa Earrings from Nina Nguyen Designs!

Above all, remember that as you would not be here without your own mother, your family would not be here without you, so celebrate yourself!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Olivia is a fabulous accounts manager here at Nina Nguyen Designs and mother to James, age 4.

Recognize Retail: Studio 2015

Nina Nguyen Designs is thrilled that Studio 2015 will be hosting a Nina Nguyen Trunk Show this Saturday, May 11!

Studio 2015 Trunk Show

Studio 2015 is not your traditional jewelry store. With 42 years of experience co-owner Tom Dougherty’s background in custom design has lead the store to embody more than just diamonds and gemstones.  Studio 2015 embraces the new trend of having no rules – mixing metals, natural elements and layering. This makes Nina Nguyen Designs the ideal fit for their store.

When asked what drew them to Nina Nguyen Designs, Studio 2015 noted it was both the organic look and of the designs and the great price point driven pieces perfect for self-purchasing women.  Since introducing Nina Nguyen Designs in 2012 it has become obvious that Nina Nguyen Designs and Studio 2015 are the perfect match, both embracing nature and empowering women. And that is not all we love about Studio 2015 – their mission to their customer and community amazes us!

While they are known for custom design and bringing in unique designer jewelry to Woodstock, Illinois Studio 2015 does not stop there. They have set an example by going above and beyond their mission of “Commitment to Excellence in Design, Craftsmanship and Customer Service by Utilizing [their] Resources to Meet and Exceed the Expectations of Our Community, Clients and Staff” by using their own personal experience and hardship to reach out to their community through multiple philanthropic outlets. Studio 2015 developed Tommy’s Angels as a venue for their staff members to participate in fundraising functions with donated designed jewelry. They have designed a symbolic necklace to inspire hope and positive energy to wearers and contributed to many other programs including, Woodstock Bunco for Breast Cancer, Boy Scouts of America, and Hooved Animal Humane Society among many others (you can find the list here).

studio2015 pic

With Mother’s Day around the corner stop buy Studio 2015 for a gift that will wow the woman that amazes you.

Charlotte Parent Magazine Featuring Nina Nguyen Designs’ Divine Lotus Bracelet


Nina Nguyen Design’s is being featured this Mother’s Day in Charlotte Parent Magazine’s Mother’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway!

This Gift Basket for the well deserving mother will receive not only our beautiful spring inspired Divine Lotus Green Agate Bracelet but also includes beauty products from Noodle & Boo, an on-the-go sudoku puzzle book, Mom’s Who Drink and Swear by Nicole Knepper, and Lost in Suburbia by Tracy Beckerman.

Nina Nguyen Design’s Divine Lotus Bracelet is part of our newest collection, The Lotus Collection, and features White Druzy with Green Agate. Agate is said to bring good luck and protection- perfect for the worrisome mother!  It is also said to enhance creativity and bring harmony to the wearer. As every mother knows and values when it comes to family, Agate is also known to improve relationships with your loved ones!

Enter to win here!