Vietnam “Trip of a Lifetime”

We have incredible news to share with you! This year, we’re rewarding one of our retail partner’s sales associates with a once-in-a-lifetime, 10-day trip to Vietnam as part of our annual holiday sales incentive program.

Epic, right? It’s definitely the biggest holiday sales incentive reward Nina Nguyen Designs has ever offered.

Actually, it might be the most lavish sales incentive ever offered by any jewelry industry professional ever in history.

No one does this! But we are.

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For the month of December, participating associates can log any sales of Nina Nguyen pieces here [link]. The person with the highest sales figures wins round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, most meals and a tour of the country’s must-see destinations and attractions—with Nina, the ultimate insider, as your personal tour guide.

The trip is scheduled for March 2020.

“I wanted to share this part of my heritage and a place that continues to be very inspiring and special to me, with one of our top-performing brand advocates,” says Nina. “Plus, I figured after the holidays, they’re really going to need a relaxing, fun-filled vacation!”

And that’s just what we have planned. Here’s a rundown of the itinerary, a perfect mix of exploring, shopping, eating, and just generally experiencing the best of this exotic, beautiful country in all its multi-faceted splendor.

Bring your appetite—and a swimsuit!


Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 1.06.49 PM

Also known as Saigon, your first stop takes you to Vietnam’s biggest city in grand style. You’ll spend days visiting temples, parks, and gardens, shopping the markets, and at night, we’ll be sipping cocktails in some world-class luxury hotspots. We’ll make sure you get to visit the War Remnants Museum, an attraction of interest to many Americans if you want to check it out, but the highlight of our time here will be sampling the street fare; it’s basically, Pho Heaven!



Nina’s getting a silk dress custom made with a local tailor near this super charming and colorful destination’s world-famous Silk Village and you should, too (or a suit as the case may be, or perhaps it’s just a tie and pocket square). This is one of the most touristy but cool things to do here, the perfect souvenir, with so many fabrics to choose from and your garment is completely made to measure. We can also head to the Cham Islands for seafood and snorkeling and visit the beautiful My Son Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In nearby Da Nang, you’ll find French Colonial architectural attractions, tranquil beaches, and national parks. We’re staying at Furama Resort Danang, a five-start resort in Danang City, where you’ll get plenty of hang time by the pool and incredible beach.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 10.32.39 AM


It’s the city capital, and there’s shopping, street food, and lots of local flavors. We can build a day around whatever you want to experience more of, whether it’s history and culture, more food (yes!), or souvenir shopping. If you want to spa it up (always a fun thing to here), we can make sure to allot some time to do that. You deserve to be pampered!


If you’re up for it, we can also devote a day to visiting the Hue Imperial Palace, (a.k.a., Hue Imperial City), which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a three-hour bus ride from Danang, but the site is unforgettable and kind of a must-do for first-time travelers.


We’ll be announcing the “Trip of A Lifetime” winner (read: sales savant!) on Jan 10 so stay tuned for details.

If you’re a sales associate at one of our retail partners and want to participate in the program, contact us here

Sending lots of love, luck, and gratitude your way. Happy Holidays!

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Nina Nguyen Featured in INDESIGN April/March 2014


GOLDEN BEGINNINGS: “I used to help my mother trade gold in our hometown of Pleiku, Vietnam. Every Sunday, my mother would set up her little table, and workers from the nearby river who’d panned for gold would line up to sell my mother the gold they had found. My uncle used to make the beautiful sparkly gold dust into rings. My job was to bike to the market to deliver the gold. The gold rings were fastened on a chain for me to easily disguise under my clothes. This was to evade the communists’ eyes and ears on my parents. Being able to work with my family is a major part of my jewelry designing process today.”

FAVORITE STONES: “Anything that is unique, mineral, fossilized and can’t be found in a traditional jewelry store. Right now, I am obsessed with druzy and geodes.” 

                         Maharani Wisdom Cuff

THE GREATER GOOD: “I think all products should be made in a manner that benefits everyone involved. I would love for my jewelry to help bring this message: That people should always be concerned with where the things they purchase come from, who made them, where the materials came from, how long will it last, and what will become of it when its life is over.”

DESIGN INSPIRATION: “I first experienced wisteria’s allure as a tourist traveling through Tokyo by bicycle. Pedaling a bicycle path completely surrounded by wisteria, I was immediately fascinated by the graceful purple blossoms cascading into view. Wisteria’s enduring beauty and charm will be represented in my spring 2014 collection.”

Wisteria Melody Necklette

Wisteria Melody Necklette

CELEBRITY CONNECTION:  “In 2013, Miranda Lambert wore our Audrey earrings in black druzy to the season premiere of THE VOICE. That was such a pleasant surprise! Her stylist contacted my PR firm, so I guess my unique design is being mentioned in the celeb stylist circle.”

STYLE EVOLUTION: “I think my work has evolved as my personal preferences evolved. The styling of my design has changed from having a more modern and minimal look to having a somewhat classic, heirloom look while retaining the composition of a modern material”

STANDING ON PRINCIPLE: “In 2009, my line was represented by a New York showroom. I was dealing with the constant pressure from department stores and buyers to produce cheaper products. I don’t know how I did it, but I walked away from some very large purchase orders to focus on bettering my designs. The biggest achievement of my career was when I learned to stay focused on what I do, who I am, who my audience is and what my brand represents.

Q & A  / Getting Personal with Nina Nguyen

WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND WHEN YOU ARE NOT DESIGNING? “Children of Vietnam project. I plan to bring my experience to assist with raising more funds and bringing awareness to the organization.”
WHAT CAN’T YOU RESIST BUYING WHEN OUT SHOPPING? “Is there a hotline for Shoeaholics Anonymous?”
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE VACATION SPOT AND WHY? “I moved to Boulder, Colorado a year ago. There is so much to do and it is always nice to wake up in my own bed since I am on the road so much.”
IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY OTHER CAREER. WHAT WOULD IT BE? “Eco-handbag or eco-apparel designer. Have you tried to look for eco-clothes? I could see myself taking an interest in this industry.”

Inside Spread

by INDESIGN Magazine 


Wisteria: A Whimiscal New Collection By Nina Nguyen Designs

Depending on where you live, you may well know the magical beauty of Wisteria. — It has a sweetly intoxicating fragrance emanating from white, blue, purple or Lilac flowers with cascading petals. And vines that are strong enough to pull down buildings.


Wisteria flower tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Nina Nguyen discovered Wisteria while bicycling around Tokyo in 2005. She was immediately captivated by its vibrant color and delicate, whimsical flowers cascading down.

Nina’s memories of Japan deeply inspired Nina Nguyen Design’s coming Fall 2013 collection, has been she named Wisteria in homage to its wistful color and style.

8276 Hi Res

The pieces in the collection are both delicate and graceful in design, yet timeless in their beauty. Like the Wisteria vines, which wrap around trees and trellises, the pieces – dubbed ‘necklettes’ – can be wrapped as a bracelet or worn as one-strand or multiple-strand necklaces.

Recently Nina has also collaborated with renowned high-fashion photographer Joanna Kustra to capture the beauty of Wisteria and her other collections in photographs. Nina traveled to London to work with Joanna, and the result of their collaboration is simply mesmerizing.

2013 FALL (9) 72 DPI

As Nina discovered in Tokyo, Wisteria grows plentifully in Japan, where it is seen as a symbol of love and victory over hardship. Wisteria is allowed to grow wild in many places in Japan and can be seen twining up and around through trees, especially in the mountains.

wisteria combo

For Nina, Wisteria symbolizes many of the qualities shared by women around the world – love, grace, honor, strength and passion. It also personifies her own creative expansion, as each of her collections grows organically from her own experiences and interests.

In coming weeks, she’ll share more of her 2014 Wisteria-inspired collection here on the Nina Nguyen Designs blog. Check back soon to see more of Wisteria’s wistful beauty!

Justina Blakeney Blog – Nina Nguyen Designs Stella Earrings

 Justina Blakeney – My Kinda Bling and how I transform into a Samurai mom



my-kind-of-bling-5   photo-387


Being a new mom is no joke. I can’t believe I’ve made it almost six whole months without one single good nights rest. To be completely candid–there are days when I don’t even have time to shower and I find myself rinsing of quickly in the sink while Ida takes one of her cat naps. It’s nuts. On a day like that it’s pretty amazing what a great pair of earrings or a crazy statement necklace can do to make me feel a bit better. And since jewelry is grab-and-go, it’s the easiest way to not look like a total effing disaster when I run out the door. Today was one of those days, and so I threw on my new necklace by Amy Kahn Russell.  The necklace is upcycled from a Samurai sword tsuba which kinda makes me feel super-duper extra badass–like “OK–I’ve got on my armor–bring it!.”  If you aren’t familiar with Amy’s work  take a minute to explore her universe. She collects artifacts and stones from all over the world for her pieces–and they all ooze cool. I mean…a necklace from a sword?! How fresh is that?!?

Along with my dose of Samurai energy–I also got my fix of healing energy through my equally badass geode earrings by Nina Nguyen. As soon as I put them on I felt like I got my sexy back–they’re like heels for my ears ;-) . Crystals are so damn cool and are glamorous, earthy, boho and oh so me.

I’m feeling better already.

*Photos of Justina by Jason Rosencrantz–still life photos by Justina Blakeney

*Jewelry provided by Amy Kahn Russel and Nina Ngugen–thanks ladies–you seriously got me through the day!

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Nina Nguyen Designs Trunk Show at Scheherazade Jewelry

Scheherazade Trunk Show Blog Image

Since 1970 Scheherazade has been accessorizing the beautiful women of Edina, MN with show stopping jewelry! With 43 years of experience Scheherazade has a plethora of knowledge from style to quality, enhancing their superior customer service to a whole new level. Nina Nguyen Designs is proud to be represented by a store not only knowledgeable, but also that embodies our love of timeless beauty. It comforts us to know we have the best to serve our Nina Nguyen fans!

Scheherazade has long been a staple for bringing the hottest and latest designs that reflect the timeless, modern, and classic style to their loyal clients. Their interest in innovative design has made our Bardot Wrap Bracelet an instant hit in Edina. A shock to us – our beautiful Bardot Bracelet is loved by Scheherazade fans as a bracelet and a necklace!  They have paved the road of fashionable stacking, layering, mixing and matching with some of our favorite designs! “You do not need to have any rhyme or reason, the more the better” says a representative of the company about pairing together their favorite Nina Nguyen Designs’ bracelets.

Due to the high demands from Scheherazade’s Nina Nguyen fans (who are wiping out their inventory!) they have decided to host a Nina Nguyen Trunk show with a special treat… an appearance from Nina Nguyen and an exclusive first peek of her 2013 Spring Collection! ­­­

Stop by Scheherazade January 25th-26th to be the first to have Nina’s newest collection and to meet Nina herself on January 26th from 3 pm- 8 pm. 


69th and France, Edina Minnesota


Scheherazade Trunk Show Postcard 2

ShannonHearts Blog Post Featuring Nina Nguyen

Here at Nina Nguyen Designs we love our bloggers.  Through the support and dedication we would like to give a special thanks to ShannonHearts.  Once again we have been featured in her blog! She is so talented and has great photos and a classic style.  Thank you Shannon for the wonderful support!!

Look Book: Blackout

Jacket: via StitchFixDressRachel Pally (50% off!), BootiesRachel Comey,
Ring: c/o Nina NguyenBlack NecklaceMargaret ElizabethClear Necklace: c/o Keltie Leanne Designs
When you can’t decide what colors to wear, you can never go wrong with black and white. It’s classic and effortless. And speaking of effortlessly wonderful things, I am borderline obsessed with blazers. If I am to say one piece of clothing that is a must-have for this coming Spring, it would hands-down be blazers. From crisp white, to printed, to bold colors, I love them all! They look perfect when paired with everything from a dress, to jeans and a t-shirt. It’s such an easy item to throw on and immediately look polished. What is your must-have item for Spring?
I’m so close to being in the top 25! Thank you all for your votes and support. If you have a second to spare, I would greatly appreciate your vote today.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  xo.

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A Piece of Toast Blogs on Aurora Necklace!



I wear white year round – so the idea of winter white is something I have always embraced.  It looks clean, bright, and fresh against even the most gloomy skies (ignore the fact that my photos were taken while it was sunny outside).  I scored my coat from J.Crack about three years  during one of their after-Christmas sales and it’s been my favorite thing to put on once the weather starts to turn cold…  Sure I only have aplain white long-sleeved tee underneath the jacket – but that’s where having a prettystatement necklace comes in handy!

Photos taken by Mary Summers for A Piece of Toast

(J Brand Lovestory Jeans // J.Crew Coat (old | similar and on sale) // J.Crew Tissue Tee // See By Chloe Wedges (similar) // Kate Spade Clutch // gifted D.C.I. Bracelet //gifted Nina Nguyen Necklace // Essie ‘Snap Happy’ Polish)

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