For Spring-Summer 2012, Nina Nguyen Designs has launched a stunning collection of Druzy Cordelia Bracelets. With a color palette that ranges from bold to pastel and textures that include chord leather and gold chain, Nina Nguyen Designs has created another piece of arm candy that is an essential fashion staple of the season!

This Spring and Summer trends are all about color palette extremes. Nina Nguyen Designs’ sparkly Druzy Cordelia Bracelets cover the spectrum featuring both muted, soft-hued tones that are the signature of the season to the bold primary colors that really pop.

The Cordelia Bracelet Collection was designed by Nina in her Florida studio and expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans in her very own Women’s Co-Operative in Vietnam.  These bracelets look amazing layered or worn alone and are the perfect Spring accessory that go from day to night with ease.

Cordelia – White Druzy Bracelet

Nina Nguyen Designs is always evolving to embrace earth-conscious materials. Inspired by organic gemstones, Nina’s current focus is on the fossilized and mineralized stones that slowly develop through the planet’s natural processes. The beauty of these organic geodes, stalactites and fossilized ammonites are prominent throughout the collection and have become a signature of Nina Nguyen.